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Valuable solutions for healthcare

Valuable solutions for healthcare

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We supply over over 12,000 GP surgeries, NHS health boards and further healthcare providers. Retailing medical equipment from leading brands:

  • Consumables
  • Furniture
  • Diagnostic devices
  • Surgical equipment
  • Occupational health
  • Refrigeration
  • Laboratory
  • & much more…

Utilising the highest quality materials and innovative designs to create a robust platform from which the clinician can work:

  • Examination couches
  • Physiotherapy plinths
  • Changing tables
  • Gynaecology platforms
  • 5-section chairs
  • C-arm tables

Accurate, precise and durable devices designed to help improve your quality of care, at an affordable price point.

  • Blood pressure
  • Stethoscopes
  • Thermometry
  • Audiometry
  • Patient monitoring
  • Parts & accessories

We supply a selection of technical devices with specialist software for improved ENT diagnosis & treatment.

  • Rhinometers
  • Rhinospirometers
  • Rhinomanometers
  • Respiratory flowheads
  • PNIF meters
  • Resuscitation mask leak trainer

Providing a wide array of well-made ward furniture to ensure patient comfort during time spent in hospital.

  • Over-bed tables
  • Bedside patient lockers
  • Drug storage
  • Ward trolleys
  • IV/Drip stands
  • Ward screens
  • Cylinder holders
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