Shuttleworth Medical

Hospital ward & medical furniture

Boasting over 65 years of experience creating medical furniture, our in-house design and manufacturing team have worked with the NHS to produce a product range that meets their specific requirements.

Quality, durable furniture to rely on

Offering well-made, economical products designed for a long working life

Providing ward furniture to the NHS

Manufacturing to tight tolerances

An established brand.

Originally established in 1953 as ‘W Shuttleworth & Co (Metal Workers) Ltd’, we are a recognised manufacturer and supplier of hospital ward & medical related products to the NHS and further healthcare markets.

Many of our products were originally designed in conjunction with staff from the NHS. We continuously strive to innovate and meet the changing needs of the medical market, with the advent of new materials, technologies and customer requirements.

We have developed a fantastic range of products, each of which adheres to the highest of medical standards. This is why our portfolio is so desirable to those in the NHS and other medical environments.

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