March 22, 2018

Medical Fair 2018

Our Group Visits the Bombay Convention & Exhibition Centre

The group recently exhibited at Medical Fair 2018 in the Bombay convention & exhibition centre, Mumbai. The show ran from from 16–18 March 2018 and is the Number One trade fair in India, for hospitals and clinics. We had representatives attending from both HCE-UK and HCE Medical India. Our group was proud to showcase some quality products including Medi-plinth couches, CUB Upright Birthing Stools, GM Instruments products and Qardio ECGs.

This years convention has products being exhibited from New Medical Technology and Rehabilitation to Hospital infrastructure. The exhibition was attending by a large number of healthcare professionals from across India and surrounding areas. The fair was a great experience for our new team at HCE Medical India and we are more than thankful for the continued support shown for both the group and our individual companies.