UK Manufacturer of Medical Examination Plinths and Furniture

Designing, manufacturing and supplying adjustable height examination couches for over 30 years

Our products have satisfied both the domestic and international healthcare markets. We are proud of the excellent service we offer, meeting the needs of our clients. Our furniture is based upon intelligent, progressive designs and is manufactured in our modern facility in Ipswich, UK.

Our focus on superior quality, research, development and innovation has secured Medi‑Plinth’s position as a leading British
manufacturer supplying to the NHS and worldwide healthcare markets.

We have long term relationships with the major distributors in healthcare sector, these partners are our main approach to selling. This leaves us free to concentrate on working with professionals to ensure our designs meet their requirements.

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Product Brochure

Digital and printed brochure providing full information on our range of products, options and accessories

The comprehensive list of manufactured products, options and available accessories can be found in our extensive brochure. Here you’ll find all the information you need, including key features and product specifications. This brochure is updated regularly in ensure each product listing is up-to-date.

Our product brochures are available in printed form for delivery or as a digital PDF for download from our website. They can also be collected from us at conferences and events we attend.

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Product Spotlight

The Extensive GP Gynaecology Couch

Medi-Plinth’s latest version of the GP gynaecology couch features improved access and ergonomics for the clinician, whilst providing enhanced comfort and dignity for the patient using the couch.

Effortless adjustment is ensured by electric motors for height and tilt. The electric seat also enables Trendelenburg. Fully adjustable foot stirrups or knee troughs are provided as standard, as is the stainless steel tray.

The Medi-Plinth operators stool is a key optional accessory which can be design co-ordinated inline with the plinths upholstery. The GP gynaecology couch can also be used as a standard 2 section plinth.

Delivery & Installation

Our plinths are delivered and setup by a trained technician

We pride ourselves in the interest taken in our products, throughout their life cycle. This starts with the care we take during manufacture; each couch is made especially for you the customer, our built team are aware of which customer they are building a couch for.

Where possible we like to deliver our couches directly to the customer with one of our fully-trained technicians who will; Set the couch up, remove the re-usable packaging and also ensure it is clean, undamaged and complete. These technicians are also trained to demonstrate operation and features if requested.

You can trust that each of our technicians are fully trained to undertake this delivery confidently as each of our technicians is awarded with out certificate of competence.

Business Investment Opportunities

We are always seeking new investment across our subsidiaries and the group, if you would like to know more please get in touch