Assisting in Early Detection

Patented light technology adapted for use in a non-diagnostic breast examination product by experienced UK scientists.

A powerful tool in giving an early edge in the ability to monitor blood vessels, identify abnormal tissues and spot potential tumours/ lesions. Utilises state-of-the-art light emitting diodes, helping you to keep an eye on your breasts and spot changes.

This scientifically-proven, robust, health & well-being product can be used either for simple screening by a GP in a surgery or for self-examination at home. The BREAST-i™ is CE certified and female trials of the product have successfully identified cases of breast cancer, which would likely not have shown up with traditional hand screening.

How is the BREAST-i™ used?

Use the BREAST-i™ whilst sitting or standing, by looking down directly at your breasts. You can also use a mirror to help viewing. You can also visit a GP’s office, here the BREAST-i™ examination can be carried out by either a doctor or surgeon.

Keep an eye out for any dark areas which weren’t there previously. If present, this should alert the user to be checked out by her doctor. Sometimes there are enlarged blood vessels and just a small, feint shadow around the vessels. Again this needs to be seen by a doctor.


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