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Founded in 1859, with an excellent reputation for quality which spans more than 150 years.

Originating in the UK from the glass blowing industry, Alfred Charles Cossor and his son Frank Cosser developed innovative products which include x-ray tubes and light bulbs. In 1904, the company manufactured one of the first ever blood pressure sphygmomanometers using their expert glass blowing skills to produce the Accoson glass manometer.

ACCOSON™ sphygmomanometers are renowned for their accuracy and ease of use. A full range of models are now available with accessories and spare parts for all their equipment.

Each product is manufactured to the requirements of the current European Standard, under quality assurance standards. Our in-house research and development enables us to exceed both USA and European error standards and continue innovating for the next generation of blood pressure devices.

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Product Brochure

Displaying the complete range of ACCOSON™ products and accessories

Our complete product brochure displays each of our available sphygmomanometers and their complimenting accessories. This brochure is a one-stop guide, assisting customers in selecting the correct product to meet their requirements. This simple brochure has proved to be very successful with our customer base.

The digital version of our catalogue is available on our website, here customers can purchase our products and the brochure assists in detailing each products features and specifications.

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Product Spotlight

The award-winning greenlight300

Developed to provide a reliable and accurate alternative without mercury. This is achieved using silicon chip technology replacing the traditional mercury column with an electronic pressure detection system.

Validated to the ESH International Protocol by the Mayo Clinic. It is also sold as a test reference manometer for calibrating and checking aneroid devices – chosen by leading pharmaceutical companies for their testing services in the UK.

Overcoming problems associated with other types of sphygmomanometer: it is non‑toxic, robust and most importantly, automatically self-calibrates to zero when switched on, thus ensuring reliable accuracy.

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