Medi-Plinth Equipment

British Manufacturer of a vast range of Medical Furniture and Fittings

Market leading UK manufacturer of Medical Examination/ Therapy Plinths and Other Medical Furniture

Medi-Plinth Equipment Limited have been designing, manufacturing and supplying variable height examination couches and associated furniture to global healthcare markets for over 30 years. Based in Ipswich, the UK home of medical bed manufacturing has given Medi-Plinth access to highly skilled talent alongside a local supply chain enhancing our ability to deliver to high quality and on time.

As the company has grown and developed, so has the range of products we provide. We are continually improving and expanding our product portfolio, which now includes:

  • Healthcare Plinths
  • Medical Stools and Chairs
  • Waiting Room Furniture
  • Trolleys and Carts
  • Veterinary Tables

Medi-Plinth is a customer and patient focused business, ensuring our product R&D meets the needs of both. Our long-standing relationships with major distributors across each sector of global healthcare has further enhanced our product development, which now needs to meet a variety of specialised requirements for customers around the world.

We also provide servicing and repair options. Annual saftey inspections on your Medi-plinth products are advised and will be manufacturer approved. An extensive range of spare parts is always available from us. We are able to re-upholster not only Medi-plinth couches, but couches from any manufacturer.

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Contact Details

Medi-Plinth Equipment Ltd, 7-11 Holywells Road, Ipswich, IP3 0DL

Tel:  +44(0)1473 212010

Opening Hours

Sunday Closed
Monday 9am–5pm
Tuesday 9am–5pm
Wednesday 9am–5pm
Thursday 9am–5pm
Friday 9am–5pm
Saturday Closed

Medi-Plinth’s designs have been developed through experience of manufacturing medical equipment for decades. We have carried outhundreds of improvements to ensure that Medi-Plinth’s patient positioning products provide optimum security and comfort for both patientand clinician. Medi-Plinth never underestimate the importance of listening to our customers, and we work on the basis that every problem is worth solving. As a result Medi-Plinth manufacture one of the widest ranges of variable height couches.

Throughout the world, health-care professionals choose Medi-Plinth products to support them and their patients. Our focus on superior quality, highly competitive products has secured Medi-Plinth’s position as a leading British manufacturer. Medi-Plinth have a strong commitment to quality. All products are CE marked and we operate a Quality Management System which complies with the requirements of the stringent medical standard ISO13485:2003. Finally all products are built and inspected at our modern manufacturing facility.

Unlike many of our competitors we design and manufacture all couches ourselves, in the UK. This enables a high level of quality control and keeps our costs at the lowest level, allowing us to be able to offer the best value possible to our customers. Our manufacturing capacity is growing and we are able to produce 5,000 couches annually. We have an introduced an onsite Research & Development team who concentrate on ensuring our designs meet their purpose and that the manufacturing process is as efficient as possible.

2018 Product Brochure

Our new 2018 brochure is now available, it includes our full, newly extended, product range. This brand new brochure features in-depth specifications and explanation of uses for all available products. It also displays our full upholstery selection, available across most couches and showcases our brand new product ranges including the Medi-Beam seating and Medi-Carts

Download our product brochure

Fully Trained Technicians

Where possible we like to deliver our couches directly to the customer with one of our trained Technicians who will; Set the couch up, remove the re-usable packaging and also ensure it is clean, undamaged and complete. These technicians are also trained to demonstrate operation and features if requested.

You can trust that each of our technicians are fully trained to undertake this delivery confidently as each of our technicians is awarded with out certificate of competence.

An Extensive Range of Products

    Clinical Range

    Rehabilitation Range

    Cosmetic Range

    Furniture Range

    Physiotherapy Range

    Veterinary Range