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HCE Global Services

A Complete Project Management Solution

Our team is dedicated to providing the management of healthcare packages and complete hospital projects

HCE Global Services

Our group partners with multi-specialists and highly experienced engineers, with capability to provide complete Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) solutions on different types of hospitals construction and specific individual services.

Working with partners we have delivered numerous projects worldwide, including challenging projects such as expansion of the Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute and Research Centre in New Delhi, India. Using our collective experience in providing a full range of MEP, the expansion project was delivered in successive stages ensuring existing hospital operation continued without disruption.

We manufacture Mobile Medical Clinics for governments and corporate organisations which are constructed for extreme weather conditions and custom made of high quality materials using cutting edge technology for energy efficiency to client specifications. We manufacture Ambulances and combine design and technical excellence to process vehicles that are customised and fitted with medical grade kits as per customer specifications and budgets.

We have successfully won competitive tenders to provide hospital equipment in the UK, Ghana, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia and the UAE. Our credibility in pricing, quality and delivery has given us the edge over other suppliers.

1. Planning Phase

The first step of the planning phase is to take a site survey and land use analysis: Team members to review site through Site Visit and advise on the feasibility of size and location of the Healthcare facility. The second step is to prepare the design briefs: We will advise client on Clinical Services that a major hospital should provide. We will also discuss the scope and size of various services that client wants to provide. e.g. How large should the maternity service be?

2. Bidding & Procurement Phase

Preparing Tender Documents, we can assist in putting together the Bid documents for the medical equipment package, advising on the bidding format and contacting various vendors. Evaluation of Tenders, we can assist in the evaluation of all offers so that the hospital procures all equipment as per highest international standards and as per the specifications and meets the project objectives. We will even assist in negotiating contracts with all vendors.

3. Project Management Phase

A follow up with all suppliers to ensure timely supply and track all shipments. There is always an enormous amount of documentation during a large project and we will make sure this is all organised and maintained professionally. Maintaining Cost, Quality & Time: These are three key factors of a successful project. Receiving and inspection of delivered goods, this will insure that contract specifications and standards have been met. All deficiencies are noted

HCE Global Services can provide the following services amongst others…

We are able to provide a vast range of services that include, but are not limited to the following:

1. Commissioning of Healthcare Facilities

Once the main structure has been built and the equipment is in place, it has to be actually shown to be working.

2. Detailed Project Reports

Usually before the design commences this has already been done, nevertheless we can provide valuable input.

3. Healthcare IT Solutions

These systems can improve the quality of healthcare and operational efficiency, whilst also reducing costs.

4. Hospital Design Services

Our experienced, knowledgeable team are able to provide a comprehensive design service, handling the project from planning stage through to completion.

5. Medical Equipment Procurement

We have an extensive knowledge base and vast experience in the medical supplies industry. We also have excellent partnerships with numerous leading medical brands.

6. Project Management

We are able to closely manage significant projects ensuring we achieve your specific goals and meet success criteria to the projects confirmed completion