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About Us

Just a little about us.

A complete healthcare service

We are a UK based company, operating in many countries. Our portfolio of medical companies allows us to offer a complete healthcare service.

Our Vision

To expand and grow our business globally via organic growth across all subsidiaries to increase sales and revenues in supplying high quality medical products and projects that satisfies healthcare needs


Our services include a complete hospital build which incorporates the commissioning of healthcare facilities, detailed project reports, a complete healthcare IT solution, hospital design service, medical equipment procurement & project management. We work with a group of highly experienced and multi-specialist engineers to provide a fully comprehensive healthcare service.


Further to building a hospital, HCE is in place with a portfolio of over 12,000 products that ships worldwide and is one of the largest UK exporters of medical equipment. We also offer a fully comprehensible 800+ page catalogue which is produced annually, this is delivered to over 26,000 GP’s, primary & secondary care organisations & private hospitals. An export edition of the catalogue is available to international distributors and clients. Situated next to Heathrow Airport, London and Major Motorways, it is an ideal location for our medical equipment warehouse and logistics.


We are experienced in manufacturing through our wholly-owned subsidiaries within the HCE Medical Group which cover medical device electronics and medical furniture.

Medi-Plinth Ltd specialise in the manufacturing of medical couches and other medical diagnostic/ treatment room furniture. A fast growing company with an extensive range of products from couches to trolleys and accessories for the medical industry which are included within the NHS supply chain.

GM Instruments Ltd specialise in the manufacturing of electronic equipment focusing on the audiology and respiratory sector for Ear Nose & Throat (ENT) and Oto-Rhino-Laryngology (ORL) fields. A unique group of products that have innovative design, manufacturing and test techniques. Their in-house R&D has enabled the development of new products outside of their focused area and clinical partnerships to develop innovative products.

Medical Supply Chain

A trusted supplier of over 16,000 products around the world.

Healthcare Solution

A specialised team to Plan, Design & Project Manage your New Hospital Project.

British Manufacturing

Design & Manufacture Innovative Medical Equipment & Furniture.

Company Managers


We have a fantastic team of managers that are always striving to improve and develop new innovative products.

HCE Medical Group
SAPNA CHADHAGroup Business Development
HCE Medical Group
MARTIN MILESFinancial Director
HCE Medical Group
FIONA ROWLESGeneral Manager
Health-Care Equipment & Supplies
TOM HARTGeneral Manager
Medi-Plinth Equipment
LYNN HYLANDGeneral Manager
GM Instruments
Health-Care Equipment & Supplies

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